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DHL, can you feel our pain?

14.09.2017. Can you imagine the impact, which broke this bottle of wine? Despite the foamy box and foam inside?

This is a wine sample we received today, sent from overseas to Saperavi World Prize by DHL.

DHL, can you feel our pain? What the heck you are doing with your parcels?

Sarah Abbott MW: "SapPrize is going to be a fascinating competition"

07.09.2017. Ms. Sarah Abbott is a Master of Wine, wine educator and consultant based in UK. Recently she authored an article entitled "Saperavi goes global with SapPrize competition" about our project. At first we wanted to re-post abstracts or quotations from that article, but simply could not decide which parts to skip, as we liked every one of them!  (Source is here)
Saperavi is special. Georgians love, admire and esteem this inky deep wine. And they are so proud that it is theirs. Many Georgians tell you that the Saperavi vine originated in Kakheti, in Georgia’s warm east. But Robinson et al give its origin as Zemo Kartli, in the far south west, where it was still widespread in the 17th century. But the Soviets chose Kakheti as the centre of wine production in Georgia, and the ‘other’ wine regions are still recovering and replanting today.

First package of Australian Saperavi wine samples arrived to SapPrize

04.09.2017. Today the first package of Australian Saperavi wine samples safely arrived to Tbilisi by DHL. It is from G. Patritti & Company in Dover Gardens, South Australia - a very long way to Tbilisi.

Welcome to Georgia!

British Masters of Wine talk about the Saperavi World Prize

28.08.2017. Rosemary George MW and Rod Smith MW are internationally renowned wine experts and Masters of Wine. In 2016 they visited Georgia and familiarized themselves with Georgia's rich wine traditions and range of products. Afterwards, Hvino News has published interviews with them (see here and here).

Today, we are happy to post opinions about our Saperavi World Prize by these Masters of Wine.

We are thankful for their encouraging remarks:

Saperavi World Prize entries are on the way to Georgia

22.08.2017. Today we started to register the wines for submission to SapPrize. Participating companies are requested to fill in and return the official Registration Form.

The registered entries are shipped to Georgia.

The Registration Forms are listing all wines which each company submits to the competition, with name and vintage year. Besides the wines for competition, the wineries can send additional bottles to be served at the reception, during the awards announcement ceremony.

We wish best of luck to all contestants!

Georgian Embassies in USA and Australia became official patrons of Saperavi World Prize

18.08.2017. We are pleased to communicate that Saperavi World Prize has received official letters of support from two Georgian Embassies: Embassy to Australia in Canberra, and Embassy to USA in Washington.

"It is a great advertisement strategy. We are fully supporting this initiative and willing to provide any assistance, if necessary" - pointed out the Georgian diplomatic representatives in connection with Saperavi World Prize.

It is a great pleasure and honour for the organizers of SapPrize, and we are very thankful for this support and encouragement from the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

In the current list of confirmed SapPrize participants, the major part of winemakers  are from Australia and USA, see Participants section.

Welcome to new contestant from USA

17.08.2017. We wish to welcome Chateau Niagara to SapPrize. Chateau Niagara is winery near Niagara Falls in USA. The vineyard and winery are the lifelong dream of the owners Jim and Kathy Baker who share a passion for the land, the wine and good food.

As they wrote in a letter to Saperavi World Prize organizers at Hvino News, "It is our very first vintage of Saperavi, and we are very excited about the promise of this grape here".

"WineAssist" (Australia) on Saperavi World Prize

09.08.2017. Here is a recent comment on Saperavi World Prize posted by Dan Traucki, director of Wine Assist consultancy (Australia):
"Hvino News... has become interested in what the rest of the world is doing with their variety....they have launched a global Saperavi competition called “SapPrize”... These wines will be judged in Georgia, against other non-Georgian Saperavi by a panel of five international wine judges. How clever is that!
They get to see what winemakers around the world are doing with their variety, whilst the winemakers get to benchmark themselves against all the other ‘newbies’ in Saperaviland"
Read full text here.

Saperavi World Prize covered by Australia's leading wine news medias

08.08.2017. Australia's leading wine business resource Winetitles Media has published article entitled "Australia dominates Saperavi awards" in its Daily Wine News newsletter. 

"13 of the 19 producers that have entered the competition have come from Australia, demonstrating the variety's success", - reads the article. Read full text here.

And in Drinks Bulletin's article "Aussie winemakers dominate 2017 SapPrize entries" the author Alana House writes:

"Ever heard of a wine varietal called Saperavi? Neither had we until we'd read that Australia was dominating the entries for the 2017 Saperavi World Prize...." Read full text here.

Winetitles Media agreed to join the list of SapPrize's media partners.

VinMoldova, Sputnik Georgia and several other Russian-language medias covered SapPrize recently

31.07.2017. More media coverage of SapPrize has appeared recently in Georgian, Moldovan, Russian, and Ukrainian press, in Russian language. It included our interview published in Sputnik Georgia (with an audio recording) and Rambler News, articles in VinMoldova, DrinkTime, Vinnaya Karta, Eurowine.

Click on the medias' names to read full texts.

Many thanks to our colleagues in the mass medias for attention to Saperavi World Prize!