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Saperavi World Prize tasting set for December 15th

Attention: Date of Saperavi World Prize tasting was set for December 15th.

Wait for results !

Australia's leading agricultural weekly covered SapPrize

The Weekly Times (Australia) recently covered Saperavi World Prize in article entitled "Ancient Georgian wine grape taking off Down Under" authored by Alexandra Laskie.

Published since 1869, The Weekly Times is Australia’s biggest, and most comprehensive rural news service across print and online, known far and wide as "the voice of the country" and "the Bible of the Bush".

Read full text here

RIVE, Italy's wine and cellar technology show partners with SapPrize

07.11.2017. RIVE, Italy's international show of wine-growing and cellar techniques, has become a media partner of Saperavi World Prize.

RIVE is the biennial International Salon dedicated to wine-growing and oenology, which takes place in the exhibition centre of Pordenone Fiere from 12th to 14th December 2017.

SapPrize logo and link can be found on RIVE main page (see screenshot).

Azerbaijan's news agency covered SapPrize

On October 27 the Azerbaijan's leading news agency News.Az published information on Saperavi World Prize: "Azerbaijan presents its wines for participation in Saperavi World Prize". Read full text here.

Georgian Wine Club partners with SapPrize, publishes article

24.10.2017. Georgian Wine Club, country's leading professional organization, has published article on SapPrize in Georgian language. Read original text here.

We are pleased to inform that Georgian Wine Club has become an official partner of Saperavi World Prize.

Saperavi World Prize 2017 – Why is it good for Georgia?

Saperavi World Prize 2017 – Why is it good for Georgia?

Soon Tbilisi will host  “Saperavi World Prize” – the first Georgian wine contest for foreign winemakers. Saperavi wines produced around the globe (even in far-away Australia and News Zealand) are being shipped to Georgia, where they are to be judged by country’s best winemaking experts.

Caucasian Business Week is among official media partners of Saperavi World Prize (“SapPrize”). We have received questions from readers about this new event, and contacted the organizers for answers.  Inge Olsson of Georgian wine news is manager of Saperavi World Prize. He kindly agreed to answer our questions.

– These Saperavi wines are produced abroad. Why are they important for Georgia?
– Saperavi is the most famous Georgian variety. In Georgia it’s a legend, but in many countries it is not known. If we want Georgia to sell its products at global market, we must use all opportunities to promote everything Georgian, and of course Saperavi. The winemakers who produce Saperavi wines in USA or New Zealand are doing a very good job for Georgia. And Georgia must not only show its appreciation, but stimulate a wider use of Saperavi in the world.

The words “Saperavi” and “Georgia” must be heard often, to become familiar to international consumers. In result, more people will buy Georgian products. So, Georgian producers will gain direct benefits.

World's Best Sommelier talks about "Saperavi World Prize"

04.10.2017. Gerard Basset is probably the world's most distinguished wine expert - he is currently the only person in the world to hold the combined titles of Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, Wine MBA, OIV MSc in Wine Management, and World's Best Sommelier!

In addition, Mr. Basset is Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), President of the Court of Master Sommeliers (Europe), and President of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

We are thankful to Gerard for his encouraging words about Saperavi World Prize:
“Georgian wines are loved and admired by many Sommeliers and wine lovers around the world. 
It is really wonderful that there is now a special event for Saperavi a grape so strongly associated with Georgia and its wines. 
I would like to wish great success to this very exciting event.”

DHL, can you feel our pain?

14.09.2017. Can you imagine the impact, which broke this bottle of wine? Despite the foamy box and foam inside?

This is a wine sample we received today, sent from overseas to Saperavi World Prize by DHL.

DHL, can you feel our pain? What the heck you are doing with your parcels?

Sarah Abbott MW: "SapPrize is going to be a fascinating competition"

07.09.2017. Ms. Sarah Abbott is a Master of Wine, wine educator and consultant based in UK. Recently she authored an article entitled "Saperavi goes global with SapPrize competition" about our project. At first we wanted to re-post abstracts or quotations from that article, but simply could not decide which parts to skip, as we liked every one of them!  (Source is here)
Saperavi is special. Georgians love, admire and esteem this inky deep wine. And they are so proud that it is theirs. Many Georgians tell you that the Saperavi vine originated in Kakheti, in Georgia’s warm east. But Robinson et al give its origin as Zemo Kartli, in the far south west, where it was still widespread in the 17th century. But the Soviets chose Kakheti as the centre of wine production in Georgia, and the ‘other’ wine regions are still recovering and replanting today.