Saperavi – a grape variety native to Georgia – is becoming increasingly popular with winemakers around the world. 
Saperavi World Prize is conceived to become not only a wine contest of Saperavi wines produced in all continents, but a meeting point of international winemakers and Georgian tradition-keepers, backed by eight millennia-old winemaking history of Georgia – the cradle of wine.

The Contest:
  • Saperavi World Prize (SapPrize) is open to winemakers who produce wines from Saperavi variety. 
  • Wines are judged by international jury.
  • SapPrize is an annual event.

SapPrize 2017 Results:


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Why Participate?
  • Knowledge: SapPrize provides unique communication channel for exchange of knowledge and experience critical to planting and production of Saperavi.
  • New Markets and Promotion: SapPrize helps to raise international awareness of your brand, thanks to wide media coverage (see here). The main organizer, Hvino News, promotes SapPrize to global professional audience in over 160 countries. The vast list of SapPrize’s media partners secures excellent international visibility.
  • Marketing: The award-winners can use attractive bottle stickers to boost sales of winning wines
  • Prestige: SapPrize is a prestigious high-level event, supported by government agencies of Georgia.