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SapPrize Media Coverage List with Screenshots
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Murray Pioneer (Australia), June 8, 2018
By Georgian, our top drop takes gold (limited access)
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ICCommerce (Georgia), Edition XI, 2018 (page 44)
Saperavi World Prize 2017 tasting
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Drinks Bulletin (Australia), 02.03.2018.
Australia wins top award at Saperavi World Prize
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The Weekly Times (Australia), 01.03.2018.
Australian wine wins gold in Georgia
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DIARIO DEL VINO (Mexico), 27.02.2018.
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Indian Wine Academy (India), 27.02.2018.
Australian Judged World’s Best Foreign Saperavi
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Emerging Europe (Great Britain), 26.02.2018.
Australia Takes Top Georgian Wine Prize
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Rosbalt (Росбалт)(Russia), 27.02.2018.
Австралийские виноделы выиграли конкурс на лучшее «негрузинское Саперави»
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Sputnik Georgia, 27.02.2018.
Названо лучшее вино сорта "саперави", сделанное за пределами Грузии
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Caucasus Business Week (Georgia), 19.03.2018.
Saperavi World Prize 2017 Announces Results
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Tbilisi Week (Georgia), 17.02.2018.
«Saperavi World Prize» – новый международный конкурс для виноделов из разных стран мира. Церемония награждения участников конкурса (видео)
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Western Pennsylvania Wine Pirate (USA), 17.02.2018
Saperavi World Prize 2017 Results
Read full text here. (Georgia), 16.02.2018.
Saperavi wines from Australia, US, Kazakhstan win wine contest in Georgia
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Stanthorpe Border Post (Australia), 29.01.2018.
Wonderful wines, now with gold to prove it
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The Weekly Times (Australia), 26.11.2017.
Ancient Georgian wine grape taking off Down Under
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Drinks+ (Ukraine), 06.12.2017.
Saperavi World Prize
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Caucasus Business Week (Georgia), 09.10.2017.
Saperavi World Prize 2017 – Why is it good for Georgia?
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News.Az, 27.10.2017
Azerbaijan presents its wines for participation in Saperavi World Prize
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Georgian Wine Club (in Georgian language), 24.10.2017
Saperavi World Prize 2017
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Western Pennsylvania Wine Pirate (USA), 16.08.2017
“Saperavi World Prize” Competition
Read full text here. (Great Britain), 29.08.2017
"Saperavi goes global with SapPrize competition", by Sarah Abbott MW
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Winetitles Media (Australia), 08.08.2017.
Australia dominates Saperavi awards
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Drinks Bulletin (Australia), 08.08.2017.
Aussie winemakers dominate 2017 SapPrize entries
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Indian Wine Academy (India), 24.07.2017.
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 (Georgia), 24.07.2017.
Wine contest in Georgia to reveal world’s best Saperavi wine
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Caucasus Business Week (Georgia), 20.07.2017.
"The World’s Winemakers to Compete for a Gold "Azarpesha".
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Sputnik Georgia, 29.07.201
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