British Masters of Wine talk about the Saperavi World Prize

28.08.2017. Rosemary George MW and Rod Smith MW are internationally renowned wine experts and Masters of Wine. In 2016 they visited Georgia and familiarized themselves with Georgia's rich wine traditions and range of products. Afterwards, Hvino News has published interviews with them (see here and here).

Today, we are happy to post opinions about our Saperavi World Prize by these Masters of Wine.

We are thankful for their encouraging remarks:

“As a great fan, I am delighted to see Saperavi becoming more widely planted throughout the world. I think this is an excellent initiative. The future is very bright for Georgia’s own great grape. It offers a wonderful combination of freshness and power that is rarely found, and can create a range of wine styles accordingly. I have tasted several very encouraging and delicious examples from outside Georgia. I look forward to many more in the future!”
Rod SMITH, Master of Wine (UK), Director of Riviera Wine Academy, Côte d'Azur, France

“A Saperavi World Prize sounds a very exciting initiative and should certainly help raise awareness for Georgia’s iconic red grape variety. I, for one, had no idea that there were plantings of Saperavi in Australia and the US. I have yet to meet a wine grower from the Languedoc who wants to try Saperavi, but why not?”
Rosemary GEORGE, Master of Wine (UK),
author of 11 books on wine, including «The Wines of the South of France», «The Wines of New Zealand», «Walking Through the Vineyards of Tuscany», «The Wines of Chablis»